Reluctant wife

Author: lastmaninline40

Well to tell the truth what happened was all my fault if you are looking for blame.
I am not sure just when I first began to fantasize about watching Laura have sex with another man but even though I was surprised at my desires to watch her with another man in between her legs the desire persisted
Laura and I were married about three years and had one child that was a year old and I controlled my desire for several months until one day she confronted me wondering if I was guilty of something and I confessed to my desire .
She was pissed to say the least but after a couple days we began to talk about it and she told me it was alright to fantasize but forget about ever watching her do another man and it took another several months before she would let me blindfold her and pretend to be another guy and she would laugh but I noticed that her orgasms had become more powerful when we played like this so once again I began to pester her about doing a guy so I could watch then one day she said you are putting on a little weight hon and I was probably 20 pounds overweight so I said I can loose this in a month with the right incentive and she asked is this what you have been pestering me about and I gave my nasty laugh and she laughed to but then said forget it.
I guess it was a couple days later she said OK smart ass if you can loose your pot belly I will do it but only once but I don’t think I have to worry you sit on your ass after you get home anymore.
I jumped up and put on my jogging shorts and hit the high school field making a couple laps before I had to rest but then I managed 10 laps before heading home my sweats soaking wet..
Every morning before work I would run and after dinner I would run some more and within a week I was doing 25 laps twice a day and my body began to trim up .
Laura watched at first amused then she began to look a little worried because I was down 11 pounds already but I was on a mission and every night after weighing myself I would look at her and report my currant weight with her still looking a little defiant but unsure of herself.
To make a long story shorted I lost the 20 pounds in less than a month and Laura reluctantly agreed to go along with it so I started to buy adult mags and read the adds men and women post in the back and I began to find men for her but each guy she turned down for one reason or another and when she did agree to meet and talk to guys she always found a reason to turn him down until I finally laid my foot down and told her it was time she paid up and if she wouldn’t pick a guy I would so she didn’t agree so I started looking around and I went to school with Dave and he and her had always got along so I cornered him and told him what I had in mind and he at first wasn’t really sure of it he agreed asking me many times if I was sure that was what I wanted so we planned on doing it that coming Saturday .
I told Laura when I got home and her jaws got tight and I saw a little flicked of anger but she did not argue until later in bed where she tried to talk me out of it but by now I couldn’t think of anything except watching Dave and her fuck.
It took forever for Saturday to come and I was a nervous wreck having mixed doubts and feeling like a heel each time I caught Laura watching me with her teeth clenched together but I held my ground and Saturday morning Laura once again made her pitch and I felt sorry for her but was determined to see it through.
Mom picked up Lisa our daughter for the day and she thought we were going to marine world and said you kids have fun as she left.
Laura wouldn’t talk to me as we waited then the doorbell rang and David was there and I guess the tension in the house was evident and he asked if he should leave but I said no she agreed a long time ago and I wanted her to pay off.
I took Laura by the hand and led her to the bedroom and she woodenly followed me looking at the floor ignoring David and she stood there looking across the room at the wall as I lifted her skirt and pulled her panty’s down and helped her up on the bed and she stared up at the ceiling her face showing no emotion at all but balked when I tried to open her blouse and bare her breasts.
Her legs were open for Dave and he was looking at her pussy licking his lips then he turned to me and said maybe I better not but I said I worked hard for this Dave and she already agreed so don’t you want to fuck her and he said Christ yes but look at her she doesn’t want to I said if you don’t I will just get someone else so He unbuckled his jeans and pushed them down I set on the edge of the bed and began to finger fuck her to get her juices flowing but it was easier than I expected although Laura was still staring at the ceiling with no expression on her pretty face as Dave pulled his shirt over his head his cock now hard and I said oh my god your cock must be a foot long and Laura sat up her eyes wide looking at his 7 inch cock then she gave me a dirty look and laid back again .
Laura laid there as he moved in between her legs and stuck his cock in her and he began to fuck her slowly at first until his cock became lubed up then he stroked into her in regular stroked looking down at her face that still showed no emotion at all as he fucked her I expecting him to cum quickly but he lost his erection twice complaining that she wasn’t responding at all so I had Laura raise up and this time she didn’t resist as I pulled her blouse and bra over her head then she laid back again staring woodenly at the ceiling as Dave bent over and sucked on her nipple as his cock got hard again and then he was in her again fucking her once more and he and I talked his cock now strong and we tried to get Laura to talk also but she laid there like a doll I asked if he was going to cum and he said I think so and closed his eyes and began to fuck her really fast and I could see a ring of foam around the base of his cock of Laura’s fluids had been churned into foam and he fucked her faster and faster then I saw Laura’s hands clench the sheets and she inhaled and her body jerked several times but she still had the same look on her face .
I thought she came my god she came and I felt a little jealousy but I also felt better about forcing her to do this Dave had his face in the pillow alongside of Laura’s head grunting like an animal as he thrust into her mindlessly until he cried out ramming Laure into the mattress holding her there making strangled sounds in his throat then he quickly thrust into her again pumping more of his cum into her then he just laid n top of her gasping for breath for long moments as Laura tried to look disinterested.
Finally Dave rolled off of her and said I got to piss and left the room.
Laura looked at me and asked are you satisfied now and I said you came didn’t you ? and she tried to disagree but I laughed and said I know you came I watched you as I stuck two fingers into her pussy and scooped his cum out of her she was blushing now as I offered his cum to her and she said no but opened her mouth as I rubbed my fingers on her lips ad licked his cum off my fingers then I scooped more of his cum out of her and she sucked them into her mouth I did it a third time and he was looking up at me an uncertain smile on her face and asked didn’t that bother you at all and I admitted to feeling jealousy but it was the best porn I had ever watched as Dave came back into the room and we began to talk now al of us talking about what had happened and Laure reached over taking his cock in her hand and fondling his balls and admitted that she had indeed came after he started sucking on her breasts and for a long time we talked until Dave became hard again then without any objections she welcomed him back in between her legs and wrapped her arms astound his back and her legs around his waist and laughed as he lifted her body off the bed and drove Hiscock into her then after about 5 minutes Laura started Cumming and came several times in a row before Dave filled her up again.
We had to change all the blankets afterwards because their fluids soaked through all of them.

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