Author: Eric Wilson


This story goes back a couple of years and tells you how my dog walking business led me to wanking and cumming on a group of schoolgirls.

First a bit of background.

Following a divorce that led me to be being screwed, I ended up in a big city in a little flat with very little money.

However a stroke of luck, namely compulsory redundancy, gave me enough money to buy a small house in a little village a long way from where my ex wife lived,but near enough to visit my grown-up kids whenever I wanted.

The rest of the money, along with a ‘cashed-in’ pension meant I didn’t have to work. Which was great at first, but there’s only so much sitting around watching the tv you can do. So after a few months I wanted to look around for something that would occupy my time without tying me down.

After various options, I thought dog walking and pet sitting would fit the bill. The village and surrounding areas was full of working people and lots of dogs. After a slow start I started picking a fair bit of business because my prices were so low ( I didn’t need to make a profit you see) And of course if I didn’t fancy a job, I just turned it down.

At this point I should say that I’d always liked the idea of exposing myself and I had a lot of outdoor sex with my ex-wife when we first got married, but had resisted the idea since my divorce, with so many CCTV cameras around. And the shame of ending up on the sex offenders register filled me with dread. But the thought was always on my mind and on a few occasions when I was alone in a park or wooded area where someone might see me I would whip out my cock and have a wank. Just the thought of exposing myself would give me an immediate erection and it only took a few strokes of my meat before I would ejaculate a thick white mess on the ground.

A couple of times I was nearly caught, but had enough time to turn my back to the approaching stranger pretending I was looking at a view or taking a picture of something. And if I hadn’t wanked by then, my prick would get even more erect until the bell end would push out through my foreskin until I felt it was going to tear me open.

My dog walking gave me more excuses to be in quiet woods or trails and I when the weather was warm enough I would strip to the waist and wear a pair of shorts with no underwear and the motion of my cock against my shorts would give me a raging hard-on and I would adjust my throbbing cock to poke out from the top of my shorts or the bottom of one of the legs. Sometimes I wouldn’t have to touch myself before I would squirt a stream of spunk down my legs or over the waistband.

And even better was when I would be given a set of keys to let myself into collect a pet. On those occasions I would strip off completely and walk around stark bollock naked and look at myself in the house mirrors or if there was a secluded garden I would walk around naked with an erect cock and swinging nut sack. It would always end with some fist-pumping action and a massive ejaculation.

This adventure with the school girls started on a particularly hot summer when I got a phone call from a lady who wanted me to walk her dog a couple of days a week because she had damaged her ankle and would be out of action for a few months. She had rung a few local dog walkers but their rates were out of her price range and she wondered if she come to some special arrangement with me if I could give her a good rate.

“Special arrangement” excited me as you often read (on porn sites) of women giving blow jobs or more for “Special Rates”. So I agreed to visit to talk about the job.

It was a 10 mile round trip which is further than I would normally go, but the idea that I might get “Special Treatment” made me go and all the way there I imagined an 18 year old blonde waiting to give me a hand job or something more exciting and my cock twitched and hardened at the thought as I drove along. I hoped she wouldn’t notice the damp spot on my trousers.

However when I got there my dreams were shattered as I was greeted at the front door by an old lady with an ankle in plaster and a little white dog that jumped up to meet me excitedly. And the “Special Arrangement” was for me to give her a rate for 8 weeks work until the school holidays when her grandson would take over walking the dog. (whose name was “Dicky Dum Dum by the way…don’t ask!), but she would pay me for up-front, even if she didn’t need me for the full 8 weeks!

Anyway, Sarah was a sweet old girl and we got on really well. Besides her dog was an old (ish) terrier who probably wouldn’t need more than a half hour walk,so I charged her an hourly rate, well below what she was quoted before.

Before deciding I asked her where she walked her dog and she got out a local map and showed me the two routes.

The first was a short walk through a small nature reserve. ( I could get my cock out there I thought) and the second was along the road and along a path that through a wooded area that led past a combined junior and senior girls school. ( I liked the idea of that and imagined me walking past there with my old chap exposed). That was the clincher.Whether I would have the nerve to expose myself was a different matter, but just the idea was enough to get me a stiffy and I had a lot of difficulty hiding my swelling member from the old girl as she limped in and out of the kitchen making the tea. She even asked if the chair was uncomfortable as I kept shifting around to adjust myself. It didn’t help that her doggy kept sniffing at my crotch. And I had to use the bathroom to relieve my aching swollen prick, releasing a spurt of thick spunk into the hand basin before making arrangements for the first walk and leaving.

Before getting back into my car I thought I would have a look at the route going past the school and so with map in hand I followed the route the old girl had shown me. As it was late in the day the school day would have ended so there would be no one around to see me if I took a chance and took my knob out,or so I thought.

The main entrance to the school was on the main road, but as I followed the head height green metal railings railings it led me to the back of the playing field that backed onto a wooded area with a narrow path. The playing field was above ground level on one side and the path was hidden from the school buildings which were just about visible from the path. This side of the playing fields had a steep slope and I imagined a lot of the girls would use this blind spot to hide from the teachers at play time.

As it was a very warm evening, I stripped down to my trousers and the feel of the cool breeze against my skin excited me and I felt the urge to stand in the bushes just off the path to pull my aching dick out. I had picked a spot where I had a clear view on both sides of the path before I pulled my trousers down to my knees and grasping my stiffening cock started to message myself to full erection. Just as I was about to orgasm I heard childish voices and realised that the field were being used for games and at that moment a ball came into view and bounced over the railings. The voices got louder and I heard running footsteps on the grass and with moments to spare I pulled up my trousers and tucking my cock in, sat down with my back to the field.

“Mister, mister”,I heard a childish voice calling, “can you toss it back”. That was what I was already doing I thought. At first I pretended not to hear, but more voices joined in. Luckily I had my tee shirt in my hand and holding it to cover the bulge in my trousers and without a word, bent over and picking up the ball threw it back to the group of girls dressed in gym slips and white tops.

“Thanks” they shouted as I walked away quickly with a red face. That was one lucky escape, I thought.

A few days later as arranged, I collected the ladies dog and a cheque for eight weeks work and set off. As it was a long hot spell I was in shorts and tee shirt and I wondered if I would get another chance to expose myself to the schoolgirls. It was earlier in the day so the kids may still be in class or at break, so I would try and work out what would be the best time to take the dog so that I would go past the playing fields when the girls would be out. The first time I was a bit early and they hadn’t come out, but I used the chance to pull my cock out and walked with it swinging from side to side and had a lovely wank on the path before going back to the main road and the ladies house.

After a few attempts I got the timing right and taking my top off and tucking it into my belt to cover my cock, walked past as the girls were in the middle of their lunch break. I was right about about the girls and a line of them of different ages lay on the grass holding their phones or reading a magazine, while one of them sat at the top of the slope watching out for teachers. As I got nearer they sat up, they called out.”Are you the man who threw our ball back a few days ago”

I said I was and just carried on walking slowly, very aware that caught talking to young girls was a quick way to get a reputation a s a ‘dirty old man’, but they just walked along on the railings and carried on chatting.

“What’s your dog called”.

“Dickie”, I shouted back over my shoulder as I strolled on. I didn’t tell them his full name. I didn’t want to get pulled into a long explanation.

“Dickie”,they all giggled, that’s a funny name. “He’s a very small ‘Dickie’, the oldest girl squealed with laughter.I could tell straight off she was the ringleader.

“Do you walk him every day?”, she asked

“Not every day. Just a few times a week”

“Probably see you again then”


This encounter with the girls had left me very excited, especially as I was half naked and my swelling erection was just out of their view under my shirt. As soon as I was out of their sight, I let Dickie off his lead and pulled my shorts down to let my erect cock bounce up against my belly. Grasping my swollen prick, I started masturbating. At that moment Dickie decided to run off and headed back to the school railings. Despite trying to call him back he kept running. Not being able to run after him with my shorts around my ankle and an erection that needed satisfying, I hoped he wouldn’t go too far. Frustratingly, I couldn’t finish myself off quickly and hoped I would be able to find him, or have to go back to the ladies house with no dog.

Cursing under my breath, I stuffed my swollen member into my shorts and limped back in the direction that Dickie had taken and found him with some relief being petted by a group of girls through the railings.

“Here’s your dad Dickie. We’ve got your dog mister” they shouted, as I ran up with a red face.

“Thanks girls” I replied.”It’s time he went home. It’s a hot day and he’ll need a drink”

“You look hot mister. Would you like a drink from my bottle?” One of the older girls asked.

I hesitated at first, but I was thirsty and accepted the bottle passed through the railing.

“Thanks”, I said as I handed it back.

“See you tomorrow”,they shouted.

“Not tomorrow. The day after when I bring Dickie for his walk”

“Thanks, We’d like to give your little Dickie a stroke again”.

“Have you hurt your leg mister”, one of younger girls asked, “you’re limping”

You’d be limping too, I thought if you had a seven inch boner stuffed down the side of your shorts!

“No, I’ve just walked a lot and my legs a bit stiff”

“You should get someone to give it a massage”, the oldest girl said and she licked her lips. I was getting the impression she knew what she was saying.

“I’m going to do that when I get home “ I replied

I looked over my shoulder at the group of girls standing in a huddle and laughing as I limped away. Did they know what they had just said, or was I reading too much into their remark?

A couple of days later, I arrived to collect Dickie and set off on the walk.

“How’s he enjoying his walk and which one are you taking him on today. Sarah enquired.

“Oh through the woods probably. I can let him off his lead and he can’t run into the road there”. In fact I was looking forward to going past the school again.

“Great, see you in an hour then”

As soon as I could I whipped off my shirt and tucked it into my belt and pulled my shorts lower onto my hips. The day before I had shaved the hair off my chest and pubic area so that I could pull my shorts lower down. Luckily I had never developed a beer belly and my stomach was still relatively flat for a middle-aged man and I was quite pleased with my physique.

The thought of my prick just hidden from view excited me and walking along with my prick rubbing against my underwear soon gave me a stiffy.

As I approached the railings I could see a line of six girls. Some were lying on their backs with their school shirts tied into a knot exposing their flat stomachs. They had also done what school girls had always done and rolled their skirts up until they were as short as possible, exposing their lovely slim legs right to the tops of their thighs. Some were lying on their backs.One girl sat right at the top of the slope watching out for teachers. The sight of all that bare young flesh got my prick twitching again.

I stopped as soon as I saw them hoping to get a longer look, but Dickie had a different idea and as soon as he spotted them he started yapping and pulling on his lead.

The girls immediately sat up looking startled at getting caught until they spotted Dickie pulling me towards them. I decided to let him off his lead so that I could adjust my swelling member and covering it with the shirt tucked in my shorts before strolling casually towards them.

I never did get the girls names, so I’ll identify the ‘regulars’ by description before I continue my story.

The oldest girl and the obvious ring leader I’ll call “Blondie”. The youngest girl I’ll call “Sis” as she seemed to be blondies young sister.The other two senior school girls were ‘pigtails’, and ‘ponytail’ and the other youngest two, ‘skinny’ & ‘freckles. Other girls would sometimes be there but these six were always there

“Hello mister”, your Dickie likes to be stroked”, freckles said innocently as she looked up at me where she knelt on the ground stroking Dickie through the bars with the other girls. Her skirt had ridden up to the top of her thighs and I caught a glimpse of her white knickers. I wondered if she knew what she was saying?

“Did you get your leg massaged. You’re not limping today” “pigtails” asked

“Yes, I got it seen to as soon as I got could” and remembered the wank I had when I got back to my car. I made a real mess on the steering wheel with the amount of spunk that erupted out of my prick.

Blondie got off her knees and sat on the slope where she bent her knees and folded her arms over them, giving me a clear look up her short skirt. I tried to keep from staring by kneeling down by the railings that gave me a good look. .I think she knew I was looking as she moved her legs apart and together again continually giving me glimpses of the top of her thighs. Her knickers were very tight and I distinctly saw the outline of her cunt.This immediately made my cock swell and I had to make an excuse to take “Dickie” on his lead and walked away with my back to the group of girls.

At the first chance I got to look around, I saw the girls giggling and pointing in my direction. It didn’t take me long to walk to a secluded spot where I could see the girls without them seeing me, to pull my shorts down and let my cock free to slap against my belly. . A stream of pre-cum immediately spilled out of my swollen bellend and splattered against a tree trunk. As I watched the girls settle down on the grassy slope again I started pumping away at my stiff member, but it wasn’t easy with the dog pulling at his lead and wanting to go back to where the girls were for more fussing. But it didn’t take long before a massive orgasm wracked my body and a stream of thick cum spurted out of my mushroom, followed by another two thick ropes of creamy milky spunk. My knees trembled and I leant forward as the orgasm ended. It had been a long time since I had such a throbbing spunk fest.

In fact my erections hadn’t been so strong since my early twenties. In those days my cock would be so stiff it would stand against my stomach, but over the years it gradually only jutted out in front even when fully erect and it was taking more and more stimulation before I eventually ejaculated. Sometimes I would have to jerk away for half an hour while looking at porn mags or websites before it would get stiff enough to produce a good amount a dribble of spunk.

But since meeting the girls my prick was starting to stand upright and as stiff as 30 years ago and leaked a continous steam of pre-cum as though I had opened a tap in my balls.

Unfortunately the English weather played it’s usual tricks and over the next two weeks the unbroken sunshine that had given me the opportunity to walk past the school gave way to intermittent rain that coincided with the days I was to take Dickie out so it was unlikely the girls would be out on the slope in the rain, so I just went through the nature reserve dressed in waterproof and wellies. Bloody Summer.

With the last two weeks of my contract approaching I prayed for the weather to change so that I might get one last chance to show my erection to the girls. Of course whether I would be brave enough when the time came I didn’t know but the thought of doing it gave me raging hard ons and I still got the chance to walk around in the nude at some of my other jobs, so I was partly satisfied and imagined the girls were watching me as I walked around stark bollock naked or wrapping their little hands or mouths around my veiny erect prick or sucking at my swinging nuts until I spilled my thick, creamy load into their eager pouting lips.

On one particularly hot afternoon when I was alone in another clients house, I went into their large secluded garden and stripping off lay on a comfortable sun lounger with a glass of beer, in the shade of a tree while their pet dog sniffed around the grounds after we’d come back from a long hot walk.

As I dozed off the sound of girlish voices got louder and I imagined the six nymphs from the school crowding around where I lay there with half closed eyes, I heard them say, “we’ve come to see your dickie. We’ve missed him” as one by one they started to remove their school uniforms until they were completely naked exposing every inch of their sweet young bodies.. Then they started rubbing sun cream over me starting with my arms,hands and shoulders, slowly moving down to my feet and then along my ankles to my knees where they stopped. They then started on my shaven chest and paid particular attention to my nipples which they tweaked and pulled gently. Next three pairs of hands moved slowly to my stomach and gently massaged the oil into my skin, but stopped short of reaching my swelling cock. Another six hands were working along my upper thighs towards my hairy bollocks. By now my prick had reached it’s full length and my swollen glans had pushed through my foreskin and was leaking a dribble of clear pre-cum that ran down my hard veiny shaft to form a puddle on the lounger.

Then I felt soft lips and tongues licking and sucking at my member.It took all my will power not to reach down and grasp my aching throbbing knob to relieve myself,but this dream was too realistic to finish quickly. Then finally I felt a warm breath and a pair of full lips close around my swollen bishops helmet and a furious sucking began that finally tipped me over the edge into an orgasm. I woke up as I pumped my cock and an eruption of jism spurted from my purple fuck tool and splashed onto my chest and stomach. I never knew I could produce so much jism and I felt completely drained as I sat up in a daze.

As the last two weeks of my contract approached, I began to wonder whether I should expose myself to the schoolgirls after all. It was ok in theory, but over the weeks I had got to like them a lot, even gobby “blondie” and the youngest could be my grand daughters age and the oldest were young enough to be my daughters. I didn’t consider myself to be a ‘pervert’ and I wondered what the effect would be on them if they saw someone they had got to know suddenly appear out the trees with a fully erect knob and wanked himself to orgasm in front of them.And of course there was even the chance one of them might even tell someone about me, so I thought I would stick to spying on them from a distance and have a wank in the trees as I watched. After all I was getting to see a lot of young bare flesh and the occasional white pair of panties hiding a virgin labia..

Until one encounter made me change my mind.

I was beginning to stay a bit longer when I spoke to the girls as there was always a lookout at the top of the slope, so I wasn’t afraid of being seen talking to the them and I had never met another person or dog walker on this path.

The conversation got around to pets one day and I casually asked what pets the girls had. The youngest girls both had goldfish, Pigtails had a hamster, Freckles had a gerbil.
“Blondie then piped up “would you like to see our pussies mister”. “We don’t have….. “Sis began to say, before blondie snapped “Shut up. “Well would you?”

The other girls looked puzzled as she continued. “We have a pets to school day next weeks. Would you like to see our pussies”, she persisted.

This was getting a bit weird I thought to myself.

“Well if it’s not too much trouble, but I can’t come to your school. I’m not a parent or anything.

“Oh, that’s o.k, We’ll bring them out here when you next bring your “Dickie, she said and I looked at the puzzled faces of the youngest girls and the smiles on the older girls faces. They knew what was going on. They were prick teasing.

“Okay”, I agreed. I’ll meet you here next Thursday if it’s not raining.

“My pussy likes to drink thick white cream, Blondie remarked.”Bring some with you if you can. Our pussies would like that” and burst out laughing.

By this time my prick had started twitching and tenting under my shorts. I was glad to have my tee shirt concealing the obvious bulge,but I decided to see what their reaction would be if I let them see how excited all this teasing had made me, so I casually pulled my tee shirt to one side and immediately six pairs of eyes were glued to the huge tenting in my shorts and a big damp patch where I had leaked my jism. Just as I was about to pull my shorts down a bit further to let my purple swollen bell end peep over the waistband, “Sis” shouted “Teacher”, from the top of the slope.

“You’d better go”, Blondie said, but didn’t make a move to leave. I didn’t want to walk away as I would have to limp awkwardly due to the erection pressing against my thigh, but I had to as the girls stood waiting for me to make a move. As I limped away, one of the girls shouted “you’d better get another massage, mister, you look a bit stiff again”

Young fuckers, I thought, they’ll definitely get a good look at my cock next time.

When the day came I made sure I was clean shaven and wore a loose pair of shorts so I wouldn’t have to limp away this time.

I collected “Dickie” as usual.

“I should be back on my feet soon”, Sarah said. “I may not need you for the full time,I’m going to the docs next week and I’ll let you know when I can start the dog walking myself”

“That’s a shame, “glad to hear you’ll soon be fit, but I’ll miss taking “Dickie”out!

As I approached the school railings I spotted “Sis” at the top of the slope obviously watching out for me. As soon as she spotted me, she shouted “here he comes”. They all immediately lay on the slope in age order with their knees bent and their skirts hitched up to their thighs.

“Hello mister”, they called out together, “come and look at our pussies”.

As I bent down to let “Dickie” off his lead, at a signal from Blondie, they all opened their legs and instead of seeing six pairs of white knickers I saw six smooth pink vaginas!

The youngest three only kept their legs open for a second or two and went bright red, before closing them, pulling their skirts down and running to the top of the slope to watch the rest of the show.. The other three kept their legs open as I had a good look.

“What do you think of our pussies,mister”, asked Blondie breathlessly.

Then without hesitation, Blondie wet a finger with her lips and slowly inserted her digit between her tight beef curtains. At the same time, “pigtails, spread her twat lips and gave me a good view of her pink inner labia. Meantime “ponytail”, had turned onto her front and lifting her bottom and spreading her legs gave me a good view of her pink wrinkled bum hole and started giving a good impression of being ‘doggy-fucked’. These girls had done this before.I wondered who had been the lucky fucker.

After standing in shock and delight at the exhibition, I started to step towards the railings, ready to pull out my by now very stiff cock out and let them all see what the meat of a very excited man looked like. I hoped the girls at the top of the slope could see me too. In fact at that moment I couldn’t care if the teachers had a good look along with the whole school.

“Lovely”, I said, but before I could say any more, the shout of “Teacher” came from a distance and the girls immediately sprung up and ran off brushing the grass off their skirts.

I was suddenly alone with a boner that needed taking care of. I pulled down my shorts and stuck my erect prick between the railings and sent a stream of thick spunk to where the girls had been lying. “Your pussies could have had a drink of that if you’d waited a bit longer “ I thought to myself as I shook the last drops of spunk from my swollen exposed bellend.

Next week, would be the last opportunity to expose myself if Sarah hadn’t already got the all clear from the docs. The next day I got a ‘phone from the old girl to tell me that I would have to take her dog out for the last week as her ankle still needed a couple of weeks before she could take her dog for walks.

“Sorry to hear that”,I Iied and was determined to put on an exhibition for the girls myself before they broke up for the Summer holidays.

I knew that I would have no chance of sneaking up on them with “Dickie” in tow, so decided to go on my own and make my way through the wooded area and wait for an opportunity when most of the girls would be there and with a bit of luck some of the other girls too.
So on the first day of the final week, I set off in plenty of time to catch the beginning of their lunch break and parking my car in the usual place, I headed off towards the school down a different path.

That day was very hot and as I got closer to the school playing fields I spotted the six girls sunbathing, but this time the three youngest had unbuttoned their shirts and their young breasts were exposed to my gaze. Of course, they didn’t have busts yet, but the sight of their young bodies with their skirts pulled up showing their white knickers and the tops of their legs, really excited me.

Blondie was unexpectedly smoking a cigarette and I as I got closer I got the distinct aroma of cannabis. She had tied her school blouse into a knot and unbuttoned the buttons exposing a deep cleavage and firm flat stomach. Her skirt was also rolled up and I could distinctly see her ‘camel toe’ through the thin cotton of her white knickers.

“Pigtails had also knotted her top, but was busy rubbing sun tan lotion onto the top of “ponytails” thighs who lay on her stomach, idly flicking through the pages of a magazine.

When I got as close as I dared without being seen I started to pull my shorts off, but hadn’t figured how difficult it would be too balance on one leg in a thick trees and bushes and nearly falling over I made a terrible racket as I tried to regain my balance.

The girls immediately squealed and jumped to their feet.

“Someone’s in the bushes”, they cried and quickly started to get dressed.

I didn’t want them disappearing before I got the chance to masturabate in front of them, So I called out, “It’s only me, I’m looking for “Dickie”, I lied, “he’s run off and I’m trying to find him”, I said as I stepped out from my hiding place, looking flushed.

Blondie, still had her cigarette in her fingers.

“Oh, it’s the man”, they said with relief.

“Promise, you won’t tell on me smoking will you mister”, Blondie said, as she saw me walking towards the railings.

“Course I won’t. We’ve all had a smoke behind the bike shed. It’s no big deal”

“Promise, please. I’ll do anything not to get into trouble again”, she pleaded, with tears welling in her eyes.

“No, I won’t say anything. Anyway, what would I say if someone asked me what I was doing watching you girls sunbathing. I’d probably get into trouble too”, I laughed.

“I’ll do anything you want”, she persisted to my surprise.“When my brothers catch me doing something very naughty, I let them see my ‘puppies’ and if I’ve been extra bad, I let them feel them too. I know I’ve been very, very, naughty. Do you want to feel my ‘puppies’, mister”?, she asked as she walked towards the railings, unbuttoning her blouse.

I knew she was lying (probably), but knew the story would excite me and it had the desired effect as I felt my still limp dick begin to stir in my shorts.

Most of this was going over the heads of the youngest girls who were by now standing at the top of the slope and had no idea what she was talking about, while the older girls smiled broadly and followed her.

“Well, if you think it would make you feel better, I would like to see your puppies and stroke them too”

Blondie was now pressed against the railings and pulled her top open exposing the delightful sight of a pair of ripe firm breasts with puffy pink nipples.

I put my fingers gently on each nipple and pressed them into her flesh and swirled them in a little circle until I felt them harden. I then cupped each firm mound of flesh and enjoyed the feeling of cool flesh under my hot hands. She moaned lightly with her eyes closed and moved one hand to reach under her skirt to pull the leg of her panty aside and insert a finger into her wet cunt.

“You can suck on them too”, she breathed in my ear.” I’ve been a very bad girl for smoking”. Moving back slightly, I bent my head to take a stiff nipple between my lips.

The other two girls stood right behind her and watched us over her shoulders.

Of course, I couldn’t see any of this as I was against the fence myself. Taking one hand off a breast I reached down to my shorts to pull my swelling member out, but before I could reach it, I felt a small hand rubbing me through my shorts.

“My, you’re a big boy”, ponytail sighed,as she massaged my thick cock through the thin material.

Then I felt another hand going up the leg of my shorts and feel around until it took the weight of my bollocks.I looked over Blondies shoulder and saw pigtails with a big grin on her face.

“You’ve got really big plums”, she said. “Feels like they’re ripe for a sucking”.

What was the world coming to. When I was a teenager, girls of my age were still playing with dollies!

Just as the action was about to get hot, I heard a school bell ringing.

“Fuck”, it’s the end of our break” exclaimed Blondie and pulled away leaving my lips sucking on thin air. At the same time, Pigtails gave my gonads a gentle squeeze and removed her hand.

All the girls sprinted away.As they reached the top of the slope, Blondie blew me a kiss and shouted, “come tomorrow and I’ll be naughty again and you can punish all six of us, if you like”.

Of course I liked, but my present condition needed satisfying and once again I pressed myself against through the railings and wanking furiously sent a thick stream of spunk into the flattened grass where the girls had been lying. I hoped all this masturbating would leave me enough spunk for tomorrow.

Overnight my imagination ran wild and I got very little sleep but I resisted the urge to give my old chap a bashing as I wanted to put on a good show the next day.. I prayed that tomorrow would be another hot, sunny day, as there were only two days left before the start of the Summer holidays. After that I would have no excuse to visit that area again.

I woke up the next morning to be greeted by bright sunshine. So I had a quick shower and shaved myself again just in case any of the girls didn’t want to suck on a hairy ball sack and cut my fingernails as I didn’t want to scratch the inside of any of their sweet pink labias while I was exploring their virgin cunts and arseholes with my fingers.

As I approached the field again taking more care not to make a noise,I noticed all six girls huddled around a magazine and giggling.

I waited until I was standing right against the fence where I could see they were looking at a porn mag with a picture of a well-built black man with a massive veiny cock penetrating a young girl doggy fashion with another girl behind him licking his swinging shaven bollocks and rubbing her wet shaven fanny.

“Hello girls”,it looks like you’ve been given some extra homework…or are you all being very naughty?”

With a startled cry, they all jumped up and breathed a sigh of relief when they saw me.

“What are you doing, sneaking up on us”.

“We found this magazine in my brothers room yesterday”, explained ”pigtails “and we didn’t know what these people were doing. Can you have a look and tell us please, mister?, they’ve got no clothes on and the man has a big wee-wee and he has two girlfriends who he’s wrestling with”, she giggled and looked shyly at me.

Playing along I said “Pass it to me and I’ll see what it’s about”

After flicking through a few pages that had obvious signs of dried cum and pulling apart a few that had stuck together with love juice,I said in a serious voice, “well it seems to be a biology magazine,explaining in pictures how babies are made, but I don’t think you should be looking at magazines like this without your teachers permission. I think you’ve all been very naughty. The real word for a man’s wee-wee is penis and he uses it to make his girlfriends happy before making babies. The babies are made when he ejaculates his sperm into their vaginas” I explained, trying to be serious.

By now the girls were pressed against the railings in a line, pretending to listen intently to my explanation.

“You won’t tell on us will you”, Blondie pleaded, starting her little game, “we’ll get into real trouble and probably be banned from the end of term disco tomorrow night”, she blubbed with tears welling in her hazel eyes.

At once all the girls crowded around at the railings, “we don’t want to miss the disco, don’t tell, please”,they started crying.

I went along with the game, “Of course I won’t tell, but you’ll have to be kind to me too”.

“Of course, we will”, they all agreed.

“Well you have to be punished if you’re naughty,otherwise you’ll just do it again.What do you think I should do”

“Well you could play with my puppies again”, volunteered “Blondie”.

“But you’ve all been naughty this time,so you all need to be punished. I don’t think you should be the only one.”

As all the girls had been looking at hard porn, I didn’t see any real harm in showing them my own weapon and hoped to get the older girls to wank me to completion whilst the younger ones could watch. It might be useful to them to know how it was done when their first boyfriend wanted his todger tugged I convinced myself, but I knew it was because I couldn’t wait to show myself fully erect.. But judging by the course of events it wouldn’t have surprised me if they all knew more than I did about fucking, especially as porn was much more accessible via the internet than in my day when we could only get hold of dirty pics in magazines.

They were all silent until I said,”perhaps you should all play with my penis. I’ve got one like the man in the picture. Would you like to see it”.

Without waiting for an answer, I pulled down my shorts and let my erect cock spring up free and slap against my stomach.

Without a word, I stepped forward and stuck it between the railings.

“Can we touch it mister. It’s very big. What’s it for?, they teased me.

“Look, you all have to feel it and play with it, until some white cream comes out of it. It’s to make babies with, but one of you is going to have to watch out for a teacher.Who’s going to volunteer first”

Sis was picked and stomped off to stand at the top of the slope, whilst the other girls started to gently touch my aching prick. One by one they played with my knob and balls. As it got even harder and longer,the older girls with more experience started pulling my foreskin over my swollen helmet, whilst the younger girls were shown how to play with my balls or spread the pre-cum around my purple bell-end.

“I think I should spank you for being so naughty, so I want you to line up against the railings in age order and pull your knickers down and bend over and spread your legs, so that I can punish you”

As they bent over and pulled their knickers off to expose their bald fannies I pushed my cock through the railings and gently spanked their arse cheeks with my erection and spilling some pre-cum at each stroke that ran down to their wrinkled bum holes and into their little beef curtains. By this time my prick was leaking a continuous stream of clear love juice. I glanced up as I moved along the line and saw that “Sis” whilst watching out for a teacher had pulled her knicker leg to one side and was furiously fingering herself and occasionally looking back towards the school.

“Please let me have a turn”, she cried out.

“Okay, “Blondie”, replied, “but you’re going to have to make the beds for a month and just for one minute. Someone else will have to keep lookout, otherwise, we’re all going to be in big trouble”.

Immediately “Sis”, pulled her knickers off and in her excitement, tumbled down the slope, landing in a heap by my feet.

“Give me a feel, mister. My brother doesn’t have one as long or stiff as that”, she said as she ran her little fingers from my bollocks to the tip of my prick, smearing my juices onto her finger tips.

“Can I taste it”, she asked.

“Yes, I groaned in pleasure as I felt hands exploring every inch of my massive erection or pulling my foreskin back and forwards.

Unexpectedly, “Sis”, put her tongue out and flicked it gently at my japs eye, immediately my cock twitched and more clear juice leaked out.

Then opening her lips, she tried to put my cock into her mouth, but couldn’t get more than the tip in as my helmet was the size of a small apple.Although my prick isn’t particularly long when erect, it is very thick and most of my girlfriends (and ex-wife) had trouble getting it all into their mouths.

“Get away,little girl, “ponytail taunted her, “let me show you how it’s done and pushing “sis” aside, grabbed my tool from her little fingers and wrapped both her hands along my swollen prick and proceeded to give me an expert blow job, despite gagging a little as she forced it past her stretched lips. “Blondie” tried to help by putting a finger into the corner of her friends’ mouth to stretch her lips apart, while “pigtails” grabbed her hair and pushed her head roughly backwards and forwards, which made her gag even more

It took all my willpower to stop myself ejaculating at all the pulling and sucking, but I wanted to spunk over all six girls whatever it took.

I pulled my cock out before I climaxed and ‘ponytail’ looked very disappointed as I left a sticky mess of clear spunk dripping from her lips.

“You all deserve to be punished “ said, “ so you’ll have to come to the railings and line up as close as you can. How long before the end of break?” I asked.

“About 5 minutes”

“That’s long enough”, I replied as they lined up along the railings.

“Put your faces as close as you can together and close your eyes for your surprise and no looking”. I also want you to lift your skirts up and let me see you playing with your slits” I didn’t want any of them to get an eyeful of spunk.

As they crowded as close as they could, I proceed to wank furiously as I felt my cock swell at the sight of six girls fingering themselves and flushing with excitement.As I felt the sperm building in bollocks I ordered them to open their lips and stick out their tongues.

With a sudden gasp I had the strongest ejaculation I’d ever had and stream after stream of thick milky love juice flew from my japs eye and I swung my jerking member from side to side laying a coating on each sweet face. Of course, one girl; I think it was “Sis”, had to open her eyes and got a splash of spunk in it. With a little yelp, she felt backwards, exposing her wet cunt as she did.

As the last drips of jism was dripping from my jerking cock, we heard a call from the distance getting nearer.

“Where have you girls got to”, we heard a teacher calling.

With a look of panic, the girls sprang up together and wiping the spunk from their faces with their blouse sleeves, they sprinted back up the slope,leaving a pile of damp panties behind.

I reached through and pulled a couple of pairs up and proceeded to wipe my cock with them. I was going to wank myself with them later and re-live the moment when I ejaculated on six little faces, before racing back to the cover of the bushes where I watched a stern faced young female teacher walk down the slope and gather up the remaining garments.

She looked around and then peered towards where I was hiding. I wondered if she could see me and the thought of it immediately made my semi-hard prick jerk to attention.She stood very still looking directly to where I was hidden.

I continued pumping away from where I was barely six feet away and wondered if she could hear me panting as I reached another climax and sprayed the leaves in front of me, that caused the bush to shake as my spunk splashed on the them and dripped to the ground.
However, she didn’t say anything but just turned on her heels and walked back up the slope.

The next six weeks of the Summer Holidays dragged by and I was determined to go back and see if I could go a bit further and fuck one or two of them.

When I did go back, the whole landscape had changed. The metal fence was still there, but the bottom half of it had a mesh fence against it and the steep slope had been bulldozed to make gentle slope to the playing fields where the school buildings could be seen in the distance and fresh grass was growing on it.

I expect the six had been given a right talking to by all concerned,but I’m sure they found the experience worth the trouble. I know I did.

Well, that’s the end of this particular adventure and although it happened a few years back, I can still remember every detail as if it was yesterday and always end with a tremendous mind-blowing masturbation when I relive the experience.

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