Club PT Part 2: The Return

Introduction: A return to the Pre Teen dance club… Another story. Question and comments in the comments section and at [email protected] Thanks guys.

CLUB PT Part 2:The return

Exhausted, I wiped at my eyes. It was 8:45 PM on a Saturday night and I had been working for about 11 hours. Multi-millionaire media mogul Magnus Thenn had directed me to coordinate the direction of a marketing campaign for yet another big budget prime time action drama series and it had taken all day just to get the budgeting allocated. Of course this days work was much easier on me than yesterdays, especially knowing that after work I would be accompanying one of the most influential men in the world to a one of a kind dance club filled to the brim with hot girls between 11 and 16. One of the unexpected perks of being Thenns personal assistant.

I was just sending off a few memos I has spent the last hour crafting when I got the text message. MY OFFICE I grinned a bit at my phone and stood up to go. I spent a minute fixing my appearance in the mirror in my high rise workspace before I went over to Thenns office. Since I knew wed be going out after work I had worn a stylish light gray suit with a blue shirt. My close cropped blond hair had just a bit of product in it, and my body was lean and fit from our corporate gym accommodation. All in all I was ready for another night of wild sex!

I stalked through the empty floor of the high rise and knocked on the large oak doors to the office of Magnus Thenn, pushing them open as he buzzed me in. Get those memos sent out Bradley? He asked as he rose from behind his large, modern glass desk. Thenn was a tall man, taller than me at 62. He had famously conquered the business world in his thirties and was now reaping the fruits of his labor in his forties. He was olive skinned as opposed to my pale, and had dark salt and pepper hair that was long compared to mine, short and blond.

Yes sir. It looks like the project will grab big numbers in the 18-42 market, and theres many opportunities for additional revenue with merchandise and licensing. I said as I showed him some retail sales projections on my phone. Looks good Bradley. Job well done. Should be celebrated dont you think? Thenn walked over to one side of his office and waved his RFID enabled watch in front of a MODERN Art painting. A hidden door in the mahogany wall slid open and I followed Thenn into an elevator. Thenn couldnt suppress a small grin of anticipation as the car ascended. Should be a nice evening tonight dont you think Bradley?

It should be sir…but if we are going to to the garage shouldnt we be going down? I asked as I felt the elevator car come to a stop. We arent driving. He said as the doors opened onto the skyscrapers roof where his personal helicopter was starting up. I couldnt help but smile as I put an arm up to shield my eyes from the buffet of wind kicked up by the rotors as we ran over to the chopper. Thenn climbed in the front as I hopped in the back. Hello there sirs. Where to tonight? The chopper pilot was in his thirties, from Australia, by the accent.

Well be heading to Club PT tonight Patrick. Thenn said as he took out his phone and began to send one of his terse all caps text messages. Roger. Patrick said as the chopper lifted off of the roof and began to head north. Sat back in my seat and watched Manhattan pass below us, it was my first helicopter ride and I just did my best to keep my mouth shut and not look like a yokel. Within a few minutes we were landing on another high rises chopper pad. You too have fun then, ya hear? Patrick joked as we got out and ran to the elevator outcropping. My boss waved his magic watch in front of it and the doors slid open and we stepped inside. Bradley, I think that this position is going to work well for both of us. As such there is a little bonus I would like to give you. Magnus Thenn pulled from his pocket a Rolex watch that cost about a year of my salary.

Mr Thenn, I dont know what to say.. I stammered before he cut me off. Just wave the bloody thing in front of that panel. I waved my Rolex clad wrist in front of the elevator panel. The LED readout above the doors flashed CLUB PT and we started to descend. I could barely contain my excitement. I was now given carte blanche to return here whenever I wanted! I suppressed my smile as to not give anything away as the elevator doors opened to the club in full swing. IT was apparently a lingerie night there and I was treated to the sight of several hundred teen girls in bras and panties, ( a few minus the bras) dancing and swaying to the house beat. I stepped out of the elevator first this time and walked over to the bar, doing my best to project confidence and success, a method I had read about in some kind of pick up book sometime.

I waved to Ben, the sandy haired bartender as I sat down next to two 13 year old girls furiously making out. The red head had her hand slipped down the pink panties of a particularly sexy black girl. I raised my eyebrows at Mr. Thenn as Ben pushed two martinis in front of us. This place is amazing Mr. Thenn! I half shouted over the music. I cant believe I didnt know about it! Mr. Thenn sipped at his drink and leaned in. Well Bradley, only the upper upper elite know about this place, and their female children of course. We are all payed up with federal and local authorities, and we have many compromising photos and videos of the children of very powerful men, not to mention those very powerful men in some compromising situations themselves. This Club is going to be a money maker for years to come.

Mr. Thenn and I sat there, having drinks and discussing the business points of the club for about an hour. Then two girls approached us at the bar. One looked to be about thirteen, she was Asian in a sexy green bra and thong. She had short black hair and breasts ample for her age, her heels were green spikes. Her friend was maybe a year younger, with long blond hair, she looked dead sexy in pink lingerie, she had used blue body paint to print Fuck me on her flat stomach. Mr. Thenn had so far ignored most all the girls in the club, but these two seemed to spark his interest. Hello there, you two, this is Bradley, and Im Marcus. What are your names? he asked.

Im Yumiko, and this is Alice. the Asian in charge said. We just really want to get out of here with some cool guys. Go somewhere quiet and have a good time. I blinked and swallowed. I could feel my dick stiffening already. I prayed that Mr. Thenn was done talking about Goddamn European markets. Well that sounds like a good idea dont you think Bradley? Why dont we head up to the VIP area? He said as he stood up and took Alices wrist and started leading her through the crowded dance floor towards the back of the club. I put my arm around this sexy Asians thin waist and followed them, her heels clicking against the floor.

We walked up to the VIP area, a doorman stood there in all black. Mr. Thenn waved his watch at the phone he held and it lit up green. The doorman stood by and let us walk up the carpeted stairs up to the VIP lounge. The VIP lounge was a large dimly lit area up stairs with several large booths separated by partitions. As a mid twenties waitress in a tight black dress led us over to our booth I made brief eye contact with Lily, the fourteen year old girl I had fucked last night. She winked at me, another girls face buried in her lap as she took a shot of what appeared to be vodka. I smiled at her and took a seat at the booth our waitress led us to.

We all took a seat and a few moments later the waitress had laid out four shots and a bottle of high end vodka out on the glass table at our booth. We all clinked glasses and downed the shots, slamming our shot glasses down on the table, making a satisfying CLANK. The girls instantly started to giggle, Alice leaning up against Mr. Thenn and Yumiko putting a hand on my thigh. I reached into my jacket pocket and took out a small glasses case. When I opened it up I revealed a baggie of coke and a small razor. Mr. Thenn smiled warmly at the sight and the girls oohed enthusiastically. Do you girls like to party? I asked as I poured out a mound of coke and chopped it up into four rails. Yumiko piped up immediately. Fuck yeah…mmm I love coke… She said, while Alice just nodded with a smile. I handed Mr. Thenn a straw, watched him as he leaned down and snorted up the first line. He straightened back up, rubbing at his nose. Wow…been a while. The straw was passed to young Alice who leaned down and zipped up her cable. She looked so sexy, a girl of about twelve in pink lingerie doing coke off of this VIP club table. mmmMMmmm She moaned as she passed the straw to Yumiko who snorted up her rail as I squeezed her toned ass as she did. Thats fucking good…I love coke…God.. She breathed as she handed me the straw and I blasted my line up my nose. Now we were all fucked up and horny. I spied Alice unzipping Mr. Thenns slacks as he got up and pushed the table away from the booth, giving us more room and a better view of what was about to go down. Yumiko was rubbing my hardon through my own pants as well.

Alice and Mr. Thenn were wasting no time. He had already removed his silk button down shirt, and Alice was just now unbuckling his belt and pulling his slacks down to the floor along with his boxers. My bosss cock sprang free, longer and thicker than I would have guessed. He looked to be about 9 inches and very thick. Alice couldnt help but let out a gasp as his massive cock sprung forth, but like a little trooper just a moment later it was in her mouth as she started going down on the man very much old enough to be her father. Ohhh… my boss moaned as he leaned back into the booth.

Meanwhile Yumiko had worked my stiff cock out of my pants and wrapped her lips around it. I ran a hand through her straight dark hair as her mouth bobbed up and down on my meat, amazing sensations as her warm wet mouth pleasured me. Mr. Thenn gave me a smirk as our eyes locked, each of us getting blown by a middle school girl. Alice let off of my bosss fat dick for a moment to unhook her pink bra and let it fall to the floor. Her chest was flat, with small mounds that were the beginnings of tits capped with small rosy nipples that looked delicious. I ogled her preteen body for a moment before reaching down to slap Yumikos ass. The slap echoing about the VIP area. Very nice girl you have there Bradley. Mr Thenn said as he grabbed Alice by the hair and tossed her casually onto the seat of the booth as Alice giggled.

Yumiko removed her own green bra and tossed it away as she suckled on my cock. Her tits, still small and pert, with sexy tan nipples but bigger and meatier than Alices nubs. I was getting more and more worked up as I watched my boss start to mount up on Alice. I grabbed hold of Yumikos hair and started to buck my hips into her mouth as I watched Mr. Thenn line his cock up with Alices preteen cunt and slide it inside as she let out a long shuddering sigh. Yumiko pulled up off of my dick for a moment and turned around and bent over. She showed off her perfect young ass as I hooked my thumbs into her green thong and it down to her ankles and watched her step out of them. Yumiko gave me a grin as she spun around, showing off her young thirteen year old body, she was lean and very tan. Nice body there. No tan lines? I asked as she set her legs shoulder width apart and slipped her left hand between her legs to rub her shaved tanned pussy. I dont wear clothes all that much, especially when Im tanning Brad. she said as she straddled me, gripped my iron hard cock and lowered herself onto it. I grabbed hold of her straight black hair and pulled as I leaned forward to suck on her neck as she started to bounce and ride me. Her tight pussy swallowed up my dick, her teenage tits bouncing in my face as I thrust my cock up into her in the VIP lounge, throngs of people dancing just below us.

Oh God….yeah…fuck me… Alice cooed as Mr. Thenn grabbed her tiny pale legs and tossed them over his shoulders, bucking his thick meat into her faster and harder. I pushed Yumiko back and spun her around, then bent her over the glass table in the booth. Oh yeah! she exclaimed as I pushed into her from behind, my balls bouncing off her ass as I started railing her hard and rough. Her ass bouncing with each thrust as I reached down to spread her asscheeks and get a nice look at her cute little asshole. I built up a nice steady rhythm, watching my cock slide in and out of her moist pussy, bucking the glass table forward with each thrust, gradually moving it closer and closer the booth where Alice and Mr. Thenn lay, fucking like animals. Within a few moments, the glass table was pushed up against the booth seat, and Mr. Thenn tossed Alice on to her table. I watcher her tiny nubs bounce a little as she landed on her back and my boss slipped back between her legs to resume fucking her hard. There we were, me and my boss, each with a middle schooler draped over a table, mine on her front his on her back as we railed away on them. The sound of slapping flesh filling our section of the VIP area,

Mr. Thenn and I made eye contact, me not able to suppress a grin, which he returned as we each fucked our young sluts. The girls, laying on the table had turned their faces and were currently sharing a very erotic kiss, Yumikos hands wandering up Alices body to fondle her stiff nipples. Their tongues snaked out and intertwined as their young bodies bucked with our powerful thrusts. I reared back and gave Yumikos ass a hard slap that echoed throughout the VIP area. Nice impact Bradley! My boss exclaimed as he pulled out of Alice and yanked her down the table, stuffing his thick cock in her face and giving it a few quick jerks. Here…it comes you slut… he hissed as his face screwed up in agonizing pleasure. Alice let her tongue loll out as she opened up wide, her eyes squeezed shut as Mr. Thenn exploded. Thick ropes of cum shot out of the tip of his fat cock and sprayed her. Landing in her hair, on her face, in her mouth and some landing on her young flat chest. Watching my boss spew all over this preteen beauty pushed me over the edge and I reached down, seized a handful of that lovely dark hair, yanked back, pushed as deep as I could and came hard. My cock spasmed deep inside this thirteen year old girl, my cum shooting deep into her as I filled her up with shot after shot of a hot, sticky load. Yumiko cried out in pleasure as she felt my seed spill deep into her, glanced over at me as she felt me collapse on top her, my sweat mingling with hers before I rolled off of her standing up and fishing a smoke out of my pants.

I took a seat next to my boss, not really as phased by our nudity as I thought I might be. I put the smoke up to my lips, took a long inhale, leaned my head back and exhaled a plume of blue smoke. I looked over to see Alice and Yumiko sliding their panties back on. Mmmm. Love it when guys cum inside Brad. Yumiko said as she pulled her green thong up her legs and reached over to grab her skimpy green bra. Yeah, she loves having a cunt full of jizz. Alice said as she reached over to help Yumiko fasten her bra before giving her ass a playful slap before she put her own bra on. Yumiko giggle a bit before she turned and helped Alice with her bra. Yeah, and Alice loves hot cum on her face, so it worked out! she exclaimed. The girls gave us a wink and a nod as they grabbed the bottle that the hostess had brought over. They blew us kisses and walked off. We saw them a few moments later on the dance floor below, taking swigs from the bottle and dancing lasciviously, have a great time.

Mr. Thenn gave my knee a slap as he got up and grabbed his pants. Good work today Bradley. Both in the boardroom and in that slut. He said as he pulled up his slacks and stuffed his glistening cock back in them and zipped them up. He grabbed his shirt and buttoned it up his chest, pulling a cigar out of it and taking a seat to enjoy it. I got up and quickly dressed as Mr. Thenn started to smoke the cigar. Thanks Mr. Thenn. For everything tonight. I said as I finished putting on my gray suit jacket before I ran a hand through my short blond hair. See you on Monday Bradley. My boss said, clearly dismissing me. I took that cue to duck out, heading back down the hallway towards the stairs to the dance floor. I glanced left as I walked and saw Lily, now totally nude with a young girls face new buried in her pussy. She looked up as I walked by and held her fingers up to the side of her head in the shape of a telephone in the classic call me position. I nodded to her as I headed down the stairs and back out onto the dance floor. I made my way through the thongs of scantily clad teens and preteens. Eventually getting to the other side and the doorway back out. I gave a longing look backwards, but knew I was spent. I would have to save up my energy for my next visit to Club PT. A few minutes later I was in a cab heading back to my apartment for a well deserved few hours of sleep.

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