The waiter

Author: sally

The party was in full swing 17 year old Cindy was not happy, she would rather be in town with her mates than attending the party, she hated the dress she was wearing, her mum had chosen it for her, it was a strapless dress so Cindy had no bra on and she was scare her boobs were show if she bent forward, her mum had said it would help her act like a lady. Cindy was no lady she was a rough hard bitch feared by many. Cindy saw that her younger sister Sara was looking unhappy she was wearing the same type of dress. Cindy got a drink and sat quietly drinking it, Sara came to her and said ” just been on the roof one of the waiters was up there and I saw his cock” Cindy asked which one and when Sara told her the Indian boy Cindy said ” stay here I will sort him out” and went to the roof where she saw the waiter in a corner, Cindy knew he was 16 called Abdul and lived near her, Cindy went to him said ” my sis seen your cock you dirty cunt”
Abdul smiled said ” you jealous ” Cindy looked replied” no I fucking aint ” Abdul laughed said ” why you come up here then” Cindy was about to reply when she noticed Abduls dick was out standing up fully erect at about 8 inches she looked Abdul said ” knew you wanted to see it” Cindy just looked, Abdul reached out rubbed Cindy’s boobs through her dress saying ” you want it stuck right up your cunt don’t you” Cindy ” said put it away” Abdul gently pulled Cindy’s top down freeing her naked boobs said ” nice tits as he started to rub them, Cindy still looking at Abduls dick said ” don’t” Abdul carried on rubbing her boobs feeling her nipples go erect, Abdul pulled Cindy’s dress down letting it fall to the ground leaving Cindy in a skimpy pair of panties which Abdul pulled down then slid a finger up Cindy’s moist love tunnel causing her to moan, Abdul removed his finger and walked Cindy backwards to a table lay her on it and inserted his penis right inside Cindy and started to pound away another Indian boy appeared looked said ” fuck look at those tits” went over and started to lick Cindy’s nipples, Abdul pulled out squirted his cum up Cindy’s stomach then stepped away, the other boy took Abduls place, Abdul walked to the stairs as four more Indian boys came onto the roof Abdul pointed them towards the table before going inside where he saw Sara he smiled at her said ” well done” and gave her £50 Sara took it saying ” that will teach the bitch to fuck my boyfriend” Abdul smiled and pulled the top of Sara’s dress down rubbed her boobs said ” I would love to fuck you as well” TO BE CONTINUED

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