Introduction: Infidelity by Jaden, but worse yet was Mikis betrayal. How are all three intertwined? That is left up to your imagination, but what happened is the exciting part, and for Jaden and Miki, it was definitely fun. Was it worth it? Jaden! Asamis voice ripped through the air.

How would Jaden explain this? It wasnt like he could say its not what it looks like for what Asami saw was very explicit.

Mikis head was thrown back, eyes closed, mouth gasping for air. Her naked body, flushed, nipples hard and distended. The evidence lay sprayed over her body, long streams of white cum, not too fresh, but easily identifiable. All seem to jettison from between her spread eagle-legs that were tangled in Jadens arms, held open so that his body fit snuggly in between. But just above where the two were joined, traces of a lost virginity tinted Mikis skin.

Jadens hips continued to thrust even as his mind processed the voice. His cock buried deep inside Mikis pussy, jerked, expelling another load. His orgasm triggered Mikis and the two of them came together, moaning expletives over and over.

What the hell are you doing? Asami stood at the doorway, not really knowing how to move forward into the room.

Jaden was still experiencing his ecstasy, giving Miki the last of what he had. And by now Asamis voice registered in Mikis mind, cutting short the resonating orgasm she was enjoying. Both pairs of eyes finally met Asamis glare.

It was at this very moment that Jaden replayed the events that had led up to this moment. For Miki, as defiant as she was, actually felt the pang of guilt in her gut twist as she too fumbled through the various images and emotions that betrayed Asami.

Asami, fell silent for a moment, to her, the shock of Jaden was one thing, an easy anger to express, but when she recognized Mikis face, she was lost. Unsure of how she should feel, her mind shut down and left her standing there.

Shit. Jadens one word of explanation.

It had all started with one question, What does it feel like? Innocent enough, but Miki had something specific in mind, not wondering about the rush of base jumping or breaking the sound barrier, but of sex. Raw, simple, primal sex. And she directed her question to Jaden.

He could have said many things, but he was honest and said, It feels awesome!

Really? I want to have sex then. Miki was nave to say the least.

Maybe you should wait. Jaden back peddled.

No, I want to know now. And with determination, Miki pulled her night shirt over her head and exposed herself. Mostly, in any case, her cheeky panties left little to the imagination, silhouetting her delicate lips, damp and easily detailing the divide between them. Jadens cock rose intently and pushed against its confines. There was no hiding his arousal, no matter how forbidden it may have been.

Frozen to the couch, Jaden was helpless to the advancing temptation as she straddled his legs and reached between them. Only after her grip tightened around his cock, did he snap into reality.

Miki! We cant.

Fine. Miki looked down at the shape of his erection trapped inside his shorts. With a sigh, she began her retreat, sliding slowly down his legs. Jaden took a breath of relief, just before he was blindsided. As Miki slid herself off his thighs, she hooked his waistband with her fingers and yanked them down and off. Jaden had let down his guard.

With a flick of the wrist his shorts flew across the room, and just like that she was back on his thighs with her hand now sliding down the length of his shaft.

I thought. Miki cut him off pressing her lips against his.

Stop thinking. She whispered as her mouth trailed over to his ear before descending to his neck. A few licks and her tongue glided across his chest to his nipple.

Wait, his shirt? He had just come in from working in the yard. Sweaty and dripping with sweat, he grabbed a cool drink and took a load off of his feet before heading to the shower. So why was Miki so into this topic of sex? It had started weeks ago when she first heard about a girl gimping along because she was so sore from being fucked. To Miki, that created an image of pain rather than pleasure and to her, she always thought sex was supposed to feel good.

So she prodded the only man she knew would not judge her for her lack of knowledge, Jaden. Nothing provocative at first, but as the discussions grew, she felt this need to experience it for herself and why not with the man that was so readily accessible? It was perfect. She just needed some time alone with him, letting all the right factors fall into place. And there he was shirtless, tired, polishing off his second beer and obviously starting to buzz.

It was happening. His body, salty against her tongue, was not resisting. Her strength easily pushed him back into the cushions as she continued nibbling on his sensitive nipples. She repositioned and skipped across his abs with light pecks, until her mouth suddenly engulfed his cock. His legs had given way, allowing her body to settle between them.

Oh god.

Just me. She took a pause. Hope youre not disappointed.

The vibrations of her voice created a new sensation for Jaded. With a hum she slid him down her throat. Jaded could not believe the experience and wondered if it felt so good because of her technique or the simply because it was not right. His legs twitched like a dog whose just-right spot had been found.

Ooh you like that eh? Miki continued to hum as she slid his cock in and out of her throat. Jaden grabbed her head and thrust. He wanted to fuck her mouth and cum.

Mmm, not yet my friend and not like this. She pushed away.

Jaden was speechless. Did she just leave him hanging? And just when he was about to cum. Confused, he watched dumbfounded as she climbed back up onto his lap and again took his cock into her hand.

I want it here. She pressed the tip of his cock into the folds of her pussy, anxious about what it would feel like inside of her.

No, not here, not yet. He sat up and grabbed her hips, lifting her up was he rose to his feet, careful to not line up his cock with her pussy.

Jaden? The tables had turned and she was not sure what was going to happen next. Was he mad? His voice was firm and his actions deliberate and strong. She couldnt believe his strength as he began to walk through the house carrying her. Down the hall and to the bedroom, where he released her body onto the bed. Without a word, he pushed her legs apart and licked through her slit up to her clit.

Oh my god.

Hmph, nope, just me. A few more licks before he decided to try the same hum that she had so expertly done to him. Miki almost choked as the vibrations traveled from his tongue to her clit. It was more than she could handle and came. Her body was overwhelmed by the orgasm, but Jaden would not let up and inserted a finger into her, exploring her, feeling her tender virginity just inside. It was his turn to be surprised. Really?

You sound surprised? Fighting the urge to let him continue, she pulled his head away.

Um. Jaden was losing his lust. He didnt want to steal it from her. Not Miki.

Now? Her hand gently reached for his cock. There was no way she was going to let him go and needed to make sure he didnt find a way out.

His body followed, guided by his cock which was being led by her hand. Once she felt the tip of his cock part her swollen lips, she released and wrapped her legs around him. With a slight bit of encouragement from her legs, she felt him press his cock into her. Enough to feel the pressure against her hymen.

Jaden? There was doubt, but she didnt want to be the one to move him. She wanted him to take her, use his own strength and will.

Miki. A smile peeked from behind his glassy expression. Wrapping his arms under her legs, he eased the grip she had behind him and pulled her closer to the edge. He had pushed her legs up and out and was now holding his cock, running it through her wetness before placing it back in its place.

Now? Again she begged.

One nod and a simple smile. His movement was slow, allowing her to experience the sensation of her body gradually opening up and accepting him. Once inside, Miki clenched. Even Jaden felt uneasy as the pressure built, stretching the membrane to its breaking point.

Ow. A soft whispered pain, as she finally gifted her sanctity.

A slight pause, and he continue. Further inside, easing himself into her. Miki moved passed the sudden shock and pain. Feeling his cock moving inside of her confirmed what she had always thought. And now, short of breath, she wanted him more than ever. For Jaden, he was still moving into her depths and could not believe the tightness that was gripping him.

Oh Miki. He had pressed up against her. One last glance at her nakedness before, well, before fucking her. It was his experience that Miki had hoped would make it all feel awesome, as he had described it. Even Jaden was relying on his experience as he fought to stay focused.

Two bodies, separating and coming together, one inside the other, Mikis body was trembling, getting closer to her climax. Sensing her, Jaden placed his thumb lightly against her clit. A jolt shot through Miki and sent her over the edge. Screaming, her body shattered into a million little sparks. Jaden watched her body shake and contort under the stress, feeling the tightening inside.

Wow. Even Jaden was amazed. He had seen girls cum, but nothing like this. And now he too was close. Hoping and straining to hold on until she was done, he slowed his thrusts. Only after her muscles relaxed their hold of his cock, did he finally feel he could relax and release. He pulled back to free himself and grabbed his own cock just before shooting the first stream across her body and over her breast. The rest, exploded out, leaving trails across her belly.

Miki had done it, fucked Jaden, felt how great sex was and came like she had never cum before. But she suddenly realized that Jaden had cum on her and not inside of her. Her elation was diminished by disappointment.

Jaden? You didnt cum inside me?

Sorry, didnt realize. Of course not, even in his lust he knew it was something he shouldnt do. But he was still hard.

Guess we will have to do it again. Miki felt the streaks of heat on her belly.

Jaden! Miki felt his cock sliding back in and even after her orgasm she felt the twitch of another one not too far off. This time she moved her legs up to his shoulders tightening her pussy even more. Made his cock feel even bigger, exciting her even more. But she found it took more effort and after some time, relaxed, letting her legs fall apart and to the side once again. Still felt amazing.

Not sure how much time had passed, but at some point while Jaden fucked her, Asami came home and heard the sounds, the unmistakable sounds of sex. It was those very sounds that led her to the doorway.

Jaden felt the final involuntary twitch of his cock. Mikis pussy quivered in the aftermath, something she couldnt help either. It was done. Jaden fucked Miki. Asami? Well, she was still standing at the door. The rest . . . probably not happily ever after.

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