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As maliha laid resting in her bed next to her gullible husband zaid . She can feel the cork that, that black bastard Tyrone had pushed in her ass hole, she can still taste the lingering cum on her lips, she got up to go to the bathroom she felt very sore from how Tyrone kept her arched and her head had a little bump from the elevator door as she walked in the bathroom and looked in the mirror she saw images of her bowing down her head her round ass in the air and she remembered how he was fucking her up the ass and all the lewd sounds her ass was making when he was butt fucking her n she remembered the smell of his cock she remembered him using the small kitchen towel to ride her ass like a bronco, as her clueless husband was on the other side talking to her while Tyrone was taking her married ass cherry she remembered how she felt every vain as only half his thick ugly cock was making her ass cheeks quake n her butt hole spasm.then she remembered just how thick n mean his cock head was as he was smearing it on her lips n how she accidentally licked some of it off n how he was calling her degrading names. As she sat on her bathroom toilet she noticed she still had on the same under wear n noticed her old wet stains and the new wet stains she made while she was sleeping next to her husband thinking how that big ugly black bear of a man kept fucking her in the ass. As she started too pee she remembered the most embarrsing part, she had squirted omg he laughed at her n called her a little slut wife because of every time he would shoot his cum up her ass her pussy would gush a torrent of cum n she remembered he shoot his hot thick nasty black cumm in her ass about 8 times and every single time she would squirt back on the elevator floor n on his basketball shorts because she saw the cumm stains when he but her on her knees n rubbed his big ugly bulbous cock head on her mouth, she was ashamed and couldn’t believe this happened she turned on the shower and was wondering if it’s okay to take a shower n she would be carful not to move the cork she went to get a different thong but decided she should just wear her boy shorts as she was looking for wish one to wear her cell phone rang next to her sleeping husband she walked her sore body to the phone and saw unknown number she took the phone back to the bathroom n said hello she heard Tyrone angry black voice u stupid bitch didn’t I say u better answer that fone on the first ring, and with that her pussy gushed a little n she said yes sir im sorry the phone was by my husband, shut the fuck u little slut wife I don’t give a fuck about ur pussy ass husband u keep saying that shit to me and im fuck him up me and my niggas, okay okay im sorry please im sorry don’t hurt him please im sorry, shut the fuck up u stupid Indian bitch now tell me is that cork still up ur ass…. She took a deep breath and said yes, Tyrone started laughing hahahaha u little squirting slut bitch, ok prove it send me a pic right now u little bitch hurry and do it now. Maliha go scared and bent down pulled one of her sexy ass cheeks aside and took a couple of pictures n sent it to him he looked on his fone saw her sexy round ass cheeks with a red capped cork up her butt hole, and he laughed hard in to the phone, maliha felt her pussy tingle from his voice and of the dirty things he was making the young house wife do then he asked her hey how’s cock is bigger mine or ur husband n she let out a little Yelp in the phone as her pussy squirted just a tiny bit, she tried to escape the question by asking him is it okay if I can take a shower, noo u fucking slut wife stay with my cock smell on u, but if ur very honest I’ll allow u to change only ur underwear since I remember how messy they got, please sir im just been married for 4 months im newly wed n im new to this country, shut the fuck up …now who’s dick is Bigger mine or ur husband n u better say the truth or I’ll walk over there right now and beat him up on his front door and make u suck my dick in front of him. That was one of maliha worst fear that something like that would happen n ruin her marriage, she spoke softly in to the phone u have a bigger penis then my husband, hahahaha how Bigg is ur husband cock, I don’t know it’s 4 and a half inches are u happy now, watch ur attitude u little slut now what did u like most about my cock, maliha stayed quiet and said I don’t Kno it was too big and it had alot of veins I really didn’t like it, well listen bitch ur going to have to pick something u liked about it, maliha took a long pause n said I guess ur cock head was okay but it was very thick also and it looked very mean but after a while I guess u can say it was okay n didn’t hurt that much when u we’re just leaving it burried in my ass ring when I was talking to my husband that is the only thing I liked was ur fatt cock head,hahahaha I Kno u little slut ur butt hole was spasming n squeezing the whole time trying to milk the cumm out of my nuts u lil married slut. Maliha felt ashamed but her pussy was drooling again thinking about the situation, then he said okay change ur under wear but take a pic right now of ur pussy hurry up bitch right now, okay she moved her dirty under wear a side and shot 2 pics of her pussy it was slime wet had drool all over it but he saw it was a tan meaty small fat juicy pussy with a tiny little clit her pussy looking delicious, the second pic showed her finger glistening as she moved her underwear aside to show her cute little pussy. Alright u little slut wife change ur underwear but keep the cork up ur ass n u better not let that phone ring more than 1 time u little slut bitch, okay thank u in her little Indian accent, what time does ur punk ass husband leave to work, Malika took a deep sigh n said he leaves at 7a.m. but please sir u already did alot of things to me can u just…shut the fuck u fucking squirting slut wife that phone better not ring more than once u little bitch, and with that he hung up. Maliha got some toilet paper n started to wipe her cute little pussy she couldn’t believe how wet the tissue was and she kept wiping it’s like her pussy stayed wet constintley she waited a while and wiped again n her pussy just stayed wet she finally got tired lifted up her small boy shorts up n looked at her camel toe in the mirror as her pussy started to damp thru her underwear she took a couple of toilet paper put it in her underwear to try to stop the leak she turned around and saw her sexy ass cheeks sticking out of her boy shorts and she said she will go back and sleep on her stomach that the cork isn’t showing at all because of her well rounded ass cheeks she took her fone and went backto sleep next to her snoring husband.

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