My friend’s munchkin mom

Author: Jason

Growing up my friend Manny’s mom was the desire of my childhood that became a reality later in life. Manny and I played basketball together and hung out all the time. His mom was latina and a dwarf. She was a dwarf of 4’2″ but had great proportions to her body. I was bound to be a giant because my parents were both over 6 feet tall and my dad was almost 7 feet tall. So at 7 years old Manny and I were hanging out at his house and his mom called me downstairs telling me my parents wanted me home. She was always wearing these heels with pantyhose no matter what she was doing. The heels were at least 4-5 inches helping her at least get to mid 4 foot range. As I came down I noticed for the first time I had seen she was in shorts with no heels or pantyhose but in tennis shoes. I remember thinking that her tennis shoes looked so little and like kid shoes. She handed me the phone when I got down there and we looked at each other and noticed I was taller than her. She laughed and said” I’m sure you will be taller than most women one day given your parents height, but I’m also sure you are shocked to already be taller than little me” I was always tall but I felt like a man for the first time in my life.

Like I said she was so proportionately put together that she was pretty and had a little but nice body. I was 7 so I wasn’t attracted to her yet as a woman but she had a pretty face and later I would see things differently. She would wear the giant heels almost always so for a short time she would remain taller than me. Manny’s dad was pretty tall too and towered over her.

By the time I was 8 I was taller than her in her heels. She always made remarks about how I was going to be a giant one day. She laughed and said for me to always remember the little people in my life. As I grew I struggled with coordination but kept growing and never got skinny. I was always a big kid in both height and weight. By the time I was 10 I was almost 6 feet tall and absolutely towered over her. She would always hug me and I loved that she was so tiny next to me. She always craned her neck up to look at me and I felt like a giant next to her. I was always careful not to offend or say anything rude to her about her height but she would always say how little she felt near me.

By 12 years old I was 6’7″ and even in her heels was looking at my belly button. She was so flirtatious with me and I loved being so tall to her. I was finally at the age where I was starting to like girls but I like her more than anyone. My mom even noticed how I acted around her and asked me if I had a crush on her. I lied but I really did. I was so tall to almost every one at this point and enjoyed especially looking down to teachers I had. Especially the women teachers. In sixth grade I had beautiful blonde teacher who was 5’9″ and with heels over 6 feet tall. Everyone looked short to her except me. she wasn’t used to being passed in height but I grew so fast that soon even when she was wearing her tallest heels she was looking at least 6 inches up to me. I loved when the class encouraged her to take her heels off and measure with me. I was surprised she said yes and I was looking almost a foot down to her. She said she had never ever felt so short in her life.

We moved across the state and I didn’t see my friend Manny or his mom for a long time. We lost touch and later I heard Manny and his dad were in a car wreck and both were killed. I was devastated especially I never found out in time to go back for the funeral. I thought I would never see his mom again since she moved away after their death. I always wondered what happened to her until one day when I was 19…….

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