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Author: mandy

Abdul was standing under the shower, he was not happy he was 14 and had been taken into care and was now in a children’s home, his dad had died and his mum could not manage on her own. Suddenly the door opened and a girl walked in, Abdul knew her as Cindy a 18 year old girl who hung round the town and a known hard case, before Abdul could cover up Cindy said ” fucking hell look at the size of his cock it is massive” Cindy’s mate Karen looked round the door and exclaimed
( that is some cock) Abdul heard the girls being called and they both left, Abdul had used a developer that had helped his dick grow to a fat 7 inches, he finished his shower and went down stairs Cindy and Karen were sat eating they both looked and grinned. Later Abdul was in his room somebody knocked on the doo he called come in Cindy entered wearing a dressing gown she looked at Abdul said ” I seen a few Bengali cocks in town they are small but yours is fucking massive and your only 14 how come” Abdul told her about the developer, Cindy said ” cool but can you use your cock” Abdul just nodded his head Cindy opened her gown and took it off she was naked her nipples erect, Abduls eyes went wide his dick went erect, Cindy said ” lets find out how good you are” and pulled the blankets off Abdul, when she saw his 9 inch erection she said ” oh yes come on you bastard fuck me good” Abdul moved over and Cindy got into the bed, Abdul started to rub Cindy’s boobs Cindy said ” just fuck me you cunt” Abdul rolled on top of Cindy and slid hid dick right up into Cindy’s very moist and willing love tunnel causing her to groan he pushed in deep making her moan even more he started pounding away deep and hard making Cindy groan and moan with each deep thrust after 5 minutes he felt Cindy gush he carried on thrusting in deep and hard and soon felt Cindy gush a second time after a few more thrusts Abdul pulled and stood up, after a few more minutes Cindy got up said ” your good picked up her gown put it on and left. Next morning Abdul was washing up when 14 year Kim walked in lifted her tee shirt showing her naked boobs said my turn and went into the store Abdul followed her saw her with her skirt pulled up tightly round her waist her hairless slit showing and was soon pounding away inside her it did not take long for her to climax.. That night Abdul was in his room when Karen walked in and took her gown off and stood naked Cindy and Kim followed soon Abdul was looking at 3 naked girls, Cindy said can you manage all of us before he could answer he heard ” and me” and 18 year old Sally walked into the room already naked Abdul smiled said ” anytime” grabbed Sally puled her into his bed and was soon thrusting in and out of her thinking to himself being in care is going to be fun.yong undressed sisters wants sex

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