Author: steve

Cindy was sitting in the derelict building bunking school when the new boy at school entered, he looked at Cindy said ” your the No holds Barred champ aren’t you” Cindy nodded then said ” nobody has ever beat me at NHB wrestling and nobody ever will” the boy said ” I will take you on and beat you” Cindy laughed asked the boy his name and age and was told by the boy his name was Robert and he was 13 years old, Cindy asked Robert if he knew what was involved, Robert nodded said ” anything goes nothing is barred winner takes all” Cindy said ” ok I will pound you to a pulp” and took her coat off, Robert removed his jacket and stood facing Cindy, the pair started to wrestle and Cindy was surprised at the strength of Robert. he was 3 years younger than she was, he was strong and knew how to wrestle, Cindy was on her stomach with Robert sat astride her back she felt him pull her blouse free from her skirt tried to throw him off but could not, she then felt Roberts hands slide up the inside of her blouse and start unclipping her bra then pulling it down her body and out from under her blouse, nobody had ever managed that before, Cindy felt Robert turning and knowing he would not have full balance managed to throw him off but before she could get up Robert had her legs pinned, Cindy fell onto her back Robert was soon sat astride her waist with one of her hands pinned under his knee Robert pinned Cindy’s other hand to the floor, Cindy struggled but could not get free, using his other hand Robert started to undo Cindy’s blouse and after a short struggle had the blouse open and Cindy’s naked boobs showing, Robert shifted his weight as he did so Cindy pushed hard causing Robert to fall off her, Cindy quickly got to her feet dived at Robert, Robert moved out the way causing Cindy to miss him and fall to the floor, Robert was very quickly sitting astride Cindy pulling Cindy’s already open blouse free of her body then moved further up her body quickly turned and started to undo Cindy’s skirt and push it down along with her panties exposing her bum, Cindy knew she could not win and had lost to a 13 year old boy, she felt Robert get off and just lay there as Robert puller her skirt and panties free leaving her naked, Cindy could hardly believe she had been beaten by a 13 year old boy and was now lying naked on the floor, she felt Robert sit on her legs and start to rub her bum before sliding his hands under her and onto her boobs then squeeze her nipples, Robert stood told Cindy to roll over and waited, Cindy knew under the NHB rules she had to and rolled over, Robert said ” wow nice bush” and started to undo his jeans Cindy looked and was surprised when Roberts 7 inch solid dick came into view she had ben expecting something smaller, Robert knelt down pulled Cindy’s legs apart and eased his dick through Cindy’s black bush and right up her love hole pushing in as deep as he could, Cindy moaned as he did, Robert started to pound deep into Cindy after a few minutes he saw Cindy’s nipples were poking up stiff he felt her gush and carried on pounding deep into her glad he had taken after a few more minutes he felt Cindy gush again, Cindy was moaning and shaking as Robert carried on pounding her she came twice more before Robert pulled out and squirted his cum over Cindy’s body, Robert stood wiped his dick on tissues before putting it away and walked out saying ” you were to easy to beat” Cindy lay where she was hardly believing she had been beaten by a 13 year old boy who had then made her cum multiple times.

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