How Lawrence ended up being cooked and eaten

Author: WhitePill

However, right before Vessy had completed her walk around the coffee table …
… she stumbled over the cable of her vacuum cleaner.
She stumbled forward, and therefore all of that elderberry juice she had planned on bringing to Lawrence got spilled all over him instead !

“Oh no ! What a mishap !!” Vessy looked at Lawrence, whom she had just ‘baptized’ with elderberry juice, and she had a terrified look in her eyes.
Then she said: “Oh Lawrence ! I didn’t mean to- How can I ever make up for …”

“Nevermind, Vessy !” Lawrence stood up, and he smiled at her – in order to signal that he wasn’t gonna blame her. “Don’t worry !
I’m all fine, really ! I’m only a little bit wet now.”

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