How Lawrence ended up being cooked and eaten

Author: WhitePill

A few moments of mutual silence followed, with Jennifer looking deeply into Lawrence’ eyes, like if she was trying to read his mind.

As for now, he was still alive, although suffering greatly from the infernal heat inside Vessy’s oven, and he was staring out at her through
the oven window with a pleading expression on his face.

Eventually, after watching him cook and squirm inside Vessy’s oven for two minutes more, Jennifer had made up her decision:
“No, Vessy, now I’m absolutely certain what is the right thing to do !
It’s because somehow, deep inside me, I have a feeling that also Lawrence doesn’t really want us to stop cooking him, either.
So it’s ok, Vessy ! We shouldn’t stop this game !
Let’s go through with cooking my bro completely, ok, Vessy !
Now I really wanna cook and eat my bro – and find out, how delicious he’s gonna be !”

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