How Lawrence ended up being cooked and eaten

Author: WhitePill

Now both Jennifer and Vessy took their seats on those collapsible chairs which Vessy had brought, and which she had pulled up right in front of her big oven.
Through the oven window, they watched with excitement, how the ‘magic’ (more exactly: the heat) of the oven was going to turn Lawrence from a kind, living guy – into a
delicious meal !

Immediately after Jennifer had turned on the oven heat, Lawrence began to feel how the air around him began to warm up, and only one minute later he climaxed .
He came as bigtime as he had never cum before, in his whole lifetime.
But while the oven heat was already warm, it still wasn’t hot enough yet to cure Lawrence’ lust-induced delusion, that being cooked for real was something he was going to

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