How Lawrence ended up being cooked and eaten

Author: WhitePill

Vessy stopped the dictaphone:
“Thanks Lawrence for confirming your decision !
Although I’ve been keeping my habit of eating men a secret until now – of course – I still wanna make sure.
It’s because the possibility can never be ruled out that sooner or later the police or a good detective will find out about my preferred diet.
And if they find out, I think it will be a good thing if I can prove that those guys I ate did indeed agree and give me their full consent .”

“Yeah, Vessy.” Jennifer nodded. “Now that I think about it, I’ve gotta agree with you.
Cooking and eating someone without their consent would definitely need to be classified as a barbaric act of murder.
However, cooking and eating someone who perfectly agreed and gave their full consent in advance – I think it’s ok, so it shouldn’t be punishable whatsoever.”

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