How Lawrence ended up being cooked and eaten

Author: WhitePill

Jennifer made one step back, too: “Is there anything left, Vessy ?”

“Now we only gotta gag your brother with something, before we can put him into my oven !” Vessy grabbed both a dictaphone with her left hand, and a little red apple with her right
hand, and she held it in her hand – only one inch away from Lawrence’ upturned face.
While Lawrence was inhaling and exhaling unprecedentedally lustfully, due to the realization of his greatest dream, he somehow managed to nod: “Vessy ! All of this is so EXCITING !”

Vessy laughed: “Of course Lawrence, it always is ! It always is exciting for those who’ve come to me and allowed themselves to be prepared for my oven !
I guess if there weren’t any guys like you, Lawrence, who get aroused so much by the idea of being prepared for cooking, I never would’ve learnt to know how
delicious well-roasted guys really taste !”

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