How Lawrence ended up being cooked and eaten

Author: WhitePill

“How did you brew this special cooking oil of yours, Vessy ? It’s got a mouthwatering smell ! ” Jennifer wanted to know.

“Well, Jennifer, I used an old recipe my deceased grandma had left me.” Vessy enlightened Jennifer.

Jennifer giggled: “Don’t tell me your grandma was a witch ?”

Vessy smiled: ” Well, to be honest, she really was a witch. In fact – if we didn’t have this magic spicy cooking oil here, preparing a tasty looking boy like your bro
for cooking would’ve been a much more tedious task !”

Once Jennifer and Vessy had finished ‘painting’ and pouring the ‘magic’ spicy cooking oil all over Lawrence, Vessy licked her lips: “Yeah, now we’re almost done !”

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