How Lawrence ended up being cooked and eaten

Author: WhitePill

A few moments later, all four of Lawrence’ limbs – both of his ankles as well as both of his wrists – had been tied to metallic rings which were attached to the sidewalls
of the baking dish so firmly, that Vessy asked him to confirm: “Ok Lawrence ! I wanna see whether we tied you up properly. So maybe you wanna try to sit up and escape from my special
baking dish for big meals ?”

Lawrence tried to do what Vessy had suggested, but the bonds which tied him down into Vessy’s big baking dish were much too strong and proved to be unbreakable. “Well, Vessy,
Jennifer, let me congratulate you ! Seems like you’ve tied me up so well, that I cannot move my arms, nor my legs, nor my upper body at all !”

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