How Lawrence ended up being cooked and eaten

Author: WhitePill

Now that Vessy had made it so clear that the men she had cooked and eaten had actually allowed this to happen to them voluntarily, also Jennifer’s mien
brightened up.
Then Jennifer looked at her older brother: “Lawrence ? Now isn’t that a true relief for us ?
Vessy will only cook and eat those men and boys who are stupid enough to volunteer.
So there’s no need for us to worry any longer, that Vessy is insane and was secretly plotting to slaughter and cook the two of us, right !”

Ever since Vessy had revealed to Lawrence that she would ‘absolutely LOVE’ to eat him, Lawrence’ dick had grown as big and hard as rock.
Then, gathering all of his courage, he quickly climbed into Vessy’s baking dish and lied down.
Now he was lying on his back, inside Vessy’s massively oversized baking dish, with his legs stretched out.
“Lying here, in your casserole …” Lawrence giggled, as he was staring at the ceiling. “It feels like I’m lying in a coffin.”

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