How Lawrence ended up being cooked and eaten

Author: WhitePill

“Of COURSE, Lawrence !!!” Vessy exclaimed loudly & delightfully. “I’d absolutely LOVE to roast you in my oven and EAT you !
I’m sure you’d be absolutely delicious !”

“VESSY !? What the heck -” Jennifer shouted at her.

Vessy responded: “I don’t get it why you’re so upset, all of a sudden, Jennifer ?
Of course I’m not an insane serial killer, Jennifer !
So let me enlighten both of you, Jennifer, Lawrence: The only kind of men I ever roast and eat, are those very few ones who come to me and volunteer to become my food !
You know, although I may be a real cannibal, I still do have my ethics, too !
That’s why I wouldn’t ever wanna cook and eat anyone against their will, or without them consenting entirely to becoming my meal !”

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