How Lawrence ended up being cooked and eaten

Author: WhitePill

Now also Vessy walked up to the big baking dish: “What is it, Lawrence ?”

“Well, how do I put it in words, Vessy ?” Lawrence began to mutter. “Are there any special requirements to the body of a man you would enjoy eating so much, that you’d call it
your favourite meal ? I’m only asking this, because well, as you can see …”

“Yes Lawrence, what can I see ?” now Vessy had a really excited expression in her eyes-

Lawrence took a deep breath, then he asked: “Well, you see, when it comes to my own body – I’m really only as beefy as an average man can be.
So, let’s just assume I was going to climb into your big baking dish voluntarily. Do you think I could turn out good enough for you to eat, if you cooked me ?”

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