How Lawrence ended up being cooked and eaten

Author: WhitePill

While Jennifer was still much too shocked to react to the situation, all of a sudden Lawrence felt his own dick growing harder and harder.

When Lawrence turned his head to face one of Vessy’s baking-dishs, which was placed on one of the sideboards, he asked: “Hmm, Vessy, that huge baking-dish over there ?
Is that the thing you use when you cook a man ?”

“Yeah, Lawrence, exactly !” Vessy looked into Lawrence’ eyes. “As you can see, it’s easily long a wide enough to contain a man who’s lying on his back.”

Lawrence walked up to the sideboard, whereon Vessy’s big baking dish was placed, then turned around and faced Vessy. “V-v-vessy ? May I ask you something …?”

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