How Lawrence ended up being cooked and eaten

Author: WhitePill

“Ok, that’s a good idea.” Jennifer agreed.

A few moments later, all three of them – Jennifer, Lawrence and Vessy – entered through the second door on the left side, such that they came to stand in Vessy’s kitchen.

Right after Vessy had turned on the light, Lawrence pointed at Vessy’s oven: “You see, Vessy ? Is that thing over there really your oven !?”

Vessy nodded “Yeah, it is, Lawrence. Why do you think it’s so special ? ”

Now Jennifer, who was seeing Vessy’s kitchen for the first time, too, exclaimed: “Oh WOW ! Vessy ! What an amazing kitchen you have ! Everything inside here is so large !
The cabinets ! The sideboards ! That baking-dish over there ! And especially that oven over there !”

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