How Lawrence ended up being cooked and eaten

Author: WhitePill

“Now that you mention it, I’ve gotta admit I’ve never seen Vessy’s kitchen myself, either.” Jennifer interrupted her brother.

“Yeah, I know Jennifer, I haven’t shown you my kitchen yet.” Vessy got off the couch and walked up to the door which connected the living room with the hallway.

Lawrence, of course still half-naked and with nothing else but a bath towel wrapped around his crotch, tried to specify more precisely what
he had seen in Vessy’s kitchen: “Well, Vessy. You know what made me wonder ? It’s your oven ! You see-”

“My oven ! What’s so special about my oven ?” Vessy giggled, as she had arrived at the door. Then she said: “Both of you ? Jennifer, Lawrence ?
Why don’t you just follow me, so I can show you my kitchen !”

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