Author: Mia

The Indian restaurant had closed for the evening, the streets were deserted except for Steve and his girlfriend both were 16 and members of a street gang were racists and hated and watching the restaurant, Steve said come on their gone, Kim followed him as he went to the back of the restaurant and watched as he forced a window and climbed in closely followed by Kim, Steve put a light on looked at Kim said ” see empty” they heard a noise Steve said ” fuck their back run for it” Steve ran for the window but in his haste got the wrong one and got stuck half way through. Kim hid under a table. Kim saw 3 Indian girls enter the kitchen they all looked to be about 18 one grabbed the waist band of Steve’s trousers and tried to pull him back in, Steve’s ill fitting trousers came down along with his boxers leaving his bare bum on show, one girl went outside came back said ” it’s yobbo Steve” one of the girls pulled Steve’s trousers right off they then pulled him back in through the window then proceeded to remove the rest of his clothes, soon Steve was naked his 7 inch dick on full view to the girls who were all smiling, one of the girls said there is another and grabbed Kim’s leg pulled her from under the table one girl said it’s his slag strip her, soon Kim was standing naked, the 3 girls looked at her one held her while the other 2 tied Steve to a pole, then the girls started to take turns rubbing and sucking Kim’, boobs one girl knelt and started to lick Kim’s shaved slit before pushing her tongue right up inside one of the other girls said ” look he got a fucking hard on”
Kim saw Steve’s dick was now standing up at 9 inches and throbbing, she heard a girl say ” get your sister” a girl much younger that the others was brought in and told to do with Steve what they had taught her, the girl went to Steve and started stroking his erect dick while the other girls carried on exploring Kims body, Steve suddenly shouted stop, the other girls looked and saw Steve squirt 5 long spurts of cum, a girl said to the younger girl ” you just wanked of your first white boy and seen real spunk” before turning back to Kim who soon gushed.
The next day Kim was walking through the woods while skipping school she was approached by an Indian girl of about 14 who said I heard what happened last night Kim replied in her deviant tone you jealous” the girl replied yes” Kim walked past, the Indian girl started to walk away as she did she heard Kim shout oi the girl turned and saw Kim blouse wide open her naked boobs and erect nipples showing with her skirt raised showing her shaved slit, the girl went back was soon rubbing Kims boobs.

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